This was the first thing I saw when I turned on my computer, and I find it fascinating. In order for something to be exquisite, it needs minute detail and attention, and that applies to everything in life.

Every person is so different, all of my children are so different, every child is so different,even at the same age.  I take birthdays very seriously, and I really want to make it a unique experience for each of my children.  My daughter had so much fun yesterday at her singing and dress up party that my boys said they want the same thing for next year. They also they want everything they see at other parties, like Star Wars, Legos, and so on. One of my oldest son’s friends just had a birthday sleepover and a beach day with a friend of his choice, and he picked my son.  So I tell my kids, lets wait until it is close to your birthday and we will see what you like at that time.  Although it is easier when they are little, my little guy is turning four soon, and I just got us all Groupon tickets to Santa Monica Pier, just us, as a family, unlimited rides.  This past year my oldest had a choice of a party or Legoland, he chose the latter.  I asked him if he wanted to go with just me, or the family, and he wanted everybody together.

I just read that next week it is World Doula Week, and this article explains in detail why the support is worth every penny,

Purim is coming up next week, it is the Jewish dress up holiday, my kids are so excited, it is as big of a celebration as Halloween.  Everybody is getting ready, the parties have already begun, and I love to have costumes that are easy for me and fun for the kids, and I really love when they are original.  My daughter put on a red blanket over her head the other day and got excited about being little red riding hood, luckily with have just the right red dress. My oldest has a street fighter outfit that we have only worn once, it was easy too, his karate outfit, plus a few extras to be the perfect Ryu.  My little one has a Spiderman costume that still fits, it has muscles and he still loves it, done.

It’s all in the details,

Coach Yulia

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