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Before Shabbat I always get inspired to post something about my fellow Jews that inspire me, Judaism, Israel, something to give a smile, meaning, and food for thought for the coming day of rest.  Recently a great leader of the Jewish community, Rabbi Gordon passed away,  In the video above, his daughter gives a glimpse into the father, leader, mentor, and kind person that he was and motivated others to be.

So sad that in the last week there have been three attacks on innocent civilians, some by children.  An American Veteran was killed and below is a picture of an Israeli Arab that was injured,

Yonatan Ezriyahav, the heroic terror victim who refused to give in and pulled the knife out of his own neck after a Palestinian terrorist stabbed him multiple times in Petah Tikvah, and plunged the knife into his attacker, killing him.

We will never be defeated by terror!
Wishing Yonatan a speedy recovery.


I am so inspired and grateful for Muslim friends:

“Extremists are a sect of their own that bring shame,
they go against our values and destroy our name.
There are more Muslim Zionists and supporters than most even know of.
They are educated, know better, and are full of love.
As times are changing, they are gaining the strength,
to create a ripple change of effects by going full-length.
It will take a few more generations for changes to be visible and stay,
but I promise you that it is underway.”

Read more about Farhana Raman,


Mohammed Wari, an Arab victim of Tuesday evening’s Jaffa stabbing attack, condemns terror; he says it “has no color, race, or religion.”


My ancestors, Jewish roots, experiences of discrimination and persecution are fresh. I was born in the Soviet Union, my parents left everything to give us a free, Jewish life. It is so important we teach our children our background, it is their identity and connection, it is not just a religion, it is a people, culture, and tradition.

I want to ask the Jewish community to keep two women in their prayers,

Avital Pega Bat Gila is a young girl injured in an accident and currently in ICU.

Matil Bas Shima, A loved mother and grandmother who is not well.

Shabbat Shalom
Coach Yulia

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