This video made me smile because it is so creative and beautiful. Many women in my community cover their hair, maybe this will inspire.


What makes you smile?  A smile makes me smile, inward happiness makes me smile, energy exchange makes me smile.  Relationships are what it is all about, all kinds, personal, business, friendship, romantic, with children and even with pets.  I agree completely that there are things we can always have more of, for balance, happiness, and a full life.

What I love the most is when something changes our perspective in a good way, the comic below cracked me up.  I saw it, and then I couldn’t find it anywhere, and my amazing group of over 10,000 mommies were my go to.  I knew somebody would relate, somebody would have seen it, I went to sleep last night knowing everything would be OK, and when I woke up this morning, they came through.  The comic below is life, it is about life, and how we live life, portray life, and in different stages of our life, think about life.

It didn’t just made me smile,

I still can’t stop laughing,

Coach Yulia

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