It’s not my problem

Have you heard the phrase, “What you think of me is none of my business?”  Apparently it is a book, but also a quote that has been modified and used over and over again.  I thank my parents for my confidence and strong sense of self that I have had since childhood. With their unconditional love and support, I have never been afraid to try new things, meet new people, and love changing and growing in my life.

I moved to LA at 27 years old with no plan, no debt, and just a blank slate.  I had a Bachelor degree in Hospitality Management, and after working on Cruise Ships for three years realized that customer service is people complaining, and it is not for me.  I was lucky to have good genes, good nutrition from family habits, and liked being active, but the exercise as a way of life had not hit the mass market, so it was not part of my daily life. People suggested that since I was friendly, I get a job in sales, and I wanted to sell something I believed in, chose health, and got hired at 24 Hour Fitness after a month in Los Angeles.  I quickly realized I did not like convincing people that they should take care of their health, but the seeds were planted because that is where I met my Yoga teacher 15 years ago.  Once I took his class, I knew it was my life path, called my parents, asked for financial support, and it has been a beautiful experience that keeps growing.  After I got married and had children I naturally became interested in Prenatal Yoga and now practice as a Doula using Yoga techniques.

As soon as I landed in Los Angeles I made a deal with myself that I only want to be surrounded by good energy and happy people.  I made the most wonderful friends that I still keep in touch with, but of course various people have crossed my path that did not fit.  That is life, not everyone will fit, and it is a good thing, because if we are really listening to ourselves, we will move on more clear about the qualities we are looking for in our relationships, personal and business.  One of my roommates was telling me about someone’s drama, and I clearly told her that I didn’t care, and it was not my problem.  At first she was shocked, but then she realized it is important what we choose to care about and digest.

I would love it if you care,

But if you don’t,

It is all good,

Coach Yulia




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