Labor and Birth is just like Exercise

What if we looked at labor and birth like a good workout?  Those of you that exercise on a regular basis, you know what you are getting into, there will be sweat, there will be soreness and recovery, but it is all worth it.  I would like to propose that we shift our thinking into this realm.  A contraction of the uterus is similar to a contraction of any other muscle, for instance a bicep curl, it burns, and we like the lean and strong result.  Of course they are different, and the uterus needs a more mind/body approach, the more calm we are and let it do what it has to do, and stay out of the way, the more effective and less painful it will be.  Deep breaths help the uterus expand in each contraction, and fully deflate, and the best part is contractions are around one minute, and I knew I can handle anything one minute at a time.  It is actually scientifically proven, research shows that we can only do one thing at a time, we can breathe and stay calm, or we can introduce fear, all the blood flows to your limbs to run, and makes the contractions not as effective and more painful.

A teenage young lady said something very profound in my Yoga and Pilates private session with her yesterday.  I was telling her how I love Yoga because unlike dance or sports, there is no perfect way to express it, sure there is form and alignment, but each person will have their own interpretation.  She defined it as being “free,” and it really resonated with me.  I loved it so I can express myself in the moment, there was no right or wrong, no failure, competition, or comparison, just pure freedom.

This article talks about how birth is like an extreme sport, and mentally we need to prepare ourselves, every experience will be completely different.  Especially the post partum is a surprise for many women, maybe because childbirth happens everyday, we disconnect from the miracle and enormity on our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual selves.

This morning I just finished teaching Yoga to three wise and inspiring women, and we talked about how within ourselves we can keep growing, it will be different everyday.  I love to say, there is not one way, there is no perfect way, there is just your way, and I should add, today.

Find your inner happiness.

Find your inner child.

Trust and Feel.

Coach Yulia


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