Why we should focus on the positive

It is so easy to get overwhelmed in everything going wrong.  I see it in my Yoga classes, a person can do every pose just right, but the one that was a challenge is frustrating them as they tell me how they cannot figure it out.

I wrote yesterday about Shabbat being so special because we are face to face with our family for 24 hours, and it is also not so easy because strong personalities need attention 24/7.  All I can do is feel grateful for my kind of problems, the next few weeks are going to be so much fun.  We already started celebrating my daughters birthday, we had her friends over for Friday night dinner, and will have a party and also celebrations at school.  Last Sunday we had fun at our cousin’s Bat Mitzva, everybody got ingredients to make Challah. I needed help, so I asked the Bat Mitzva girl if we could come over on Friday and she can guide us and make Challah with us.  It was so much fun, after we let the dough rise, we brought it home, there was so much, everybody got a chance to make whatever shapes they want.  I was very ambitious, wanted to do a 7 braid with the help of You Tube, but ended up having six thick and very long strands.  It turned out so long, makes me think of those Challah’s you have at weddings.  My daughter and her younger cousin had the most fun cracking eggs and getting flour all over themselves.

Ziona Challa Neshama

Life is always going to happen, challenges, hard times, even things that come out of nowhere and knock us down.  I really believe that doors closed leads to new doors opening. What is the alternative?  Things can only get better if we are working towards something, it heads in the direction we want, and if it does not, then we reevaluate.

Constant Change Is Good.

Be Open.

Find Good In Everything.

Next week we are celebrating the leap year Jewish month of Adar II.

Purim is around the corner!

Happiness Galore.

It is all in our power to find the positive.

Positive View.

Why we should focus on the positive?

Why not?

Coach  Yulia


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