Pain is Mandatory. Suffering is Optional.

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You can find pain, and overcoming the pain in everything around us.  Writing is something I love as a blogger, just free flow from personal experience.  Actual writing, articles and books are scary for me, and I recently was asked to write an article, and I took it on, and am excited to have my first published article coming out soon.  We have to go through the pain, get uncomfortable, and know that we will come out on the other side victorious, or at least knowing what we do not want or like, and move forward.

As much as I love turning off the world every Shabbat, I count the minutes until it is over and my kids are asleep.  There are no distractions, no electronics, no escape, 100% in each others face, Thank God, but it is not easy being a parent to three strong personalities under 7 years old.

As I enjoy logging back into the world, I am confronted by a powerful quote that is about every aspect of life.


Pain has so many meanings, and everyone has a different tolerance.  Whether it is physical or emotional, there is no way around it.  Feeling it, I mean, yes there are tools, there is therapy, there is Yoga, there is breath, there is balance.  I hope my kids have more patience than I do, I have very little patience for whining and being somewhere or doing something I do not enjoy.  Yes it is a blessing, and I know I am growing as a person, but  I am so happy when it is bed time for them and me time for me.

In my Doula training I learned something very similar. Pain can be managed, but suffering is unnecessary.  So many women are so afraid of the pain in advance, especially being bombarded with media and stories from everyone they meet.  Every woman, pregnancy, labor, birth, and post partum is different, even for the same woman with multiple births. My three labors were completely different, so the best thing a woman can do is go to classes, read books, get informed on how it works, get the tools she needs, and most importantly surround herself with support.

I love to feel life,

I do not want to miss out,

I love to empower women to be conscious and present in their labor and birth,

Coach Yulia

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