There is NO EXCUSE not to exercise

I was not sure what I was going to write about this morning, but I knew that I was excited to go to one of my favorite workouts, and that I had time to do it, the kids are in school, and my hour was free of clients.  Then I saw this article, and it makes so much sense,  When we feel good, we do not think about it, and I mean physically and mentally, and exercise helps both.  When we do not feel good, that is all we think about and it takes over our world.  My brother just got a new position with a huge company, and he was very impressed that they encourage a culture of exercise, even all dressing in exercise clothes one day a week and instructed to do a physical activity throughout the day.  Also his new place of work has a gym, and they take $10 off their insurance payment if they sign up for a workout program. For me this is just common sense, when you take care of yourself, there are less sick days and more productivity.

There really is no excuse not to exercise, especially now, this is the right time to try all the different varieties out there, there are so many ways to work out, and I am sure at least one you will like.  I personally do not like cardio, but I do enjoy hiking and zumba, no interest in marathons, I don’t want to think and calculate, I just want to do it and have fun.  I do enjoy workouts that have a little bit of everything, not too hard, not too easy, and give you a full body workout.  Today I did Bodypump, great music, it got me into the best shape of my life before babies, and I like what I am seeing!


Just finished chest, started with full body warmup, squats, after chest, tricep, bicep, shoulder, core, and stretch.  Do you see my water bottle, phone case, and banana?

So go out there,

Try Spin, Crossfit, or Hot Yoga, these are my least favorite, and I have never tried and never will, I feel they over do, and sometimes do not play close enough attention to form and alignment, too much chances of injury, but to each their own.

There is also Barre, Zumba, Kickboxing, Boxing, Martial Arts, Pilates, Yoga, and every Cardio you can imagine, on machines or at bootcamp.

They are all important, it is better to do a variety, mix it up with:

  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Core
  • Stretch
  • Dance or any type of choreography is great for our brains to stay young


Coach Yulia






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