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This is a very special Shabbat, we learn something new every week, I love the interpretation and the lessons we can take into our lives.‎

Lorelai Kude‎ 

This week we read about the outpouring of generosity and the intense desire to give. Vayakhel illustrates how we ourselves are “made in the image of G*d” and how we best demonstrate this likeness by using our G*d-given ability to create beauty, splendor, glory and harmony. G*d is a Creator, G*d is a Giver. When we create, when we give, we are most G*d-like.
Even if what we create doesn’t appear “beautiful” to us because it might contain painful parts, may G*d give us eyes to see the beauty beyond the pain – that’s a beautiful gift, too.
Wishing everyone far and near a BEAUTIFUL Shabbos! Of course I can’t wish you a “creative” Shabbos because, y’know, halacha. smile emoticon Yet hidden beneath my Shabbos blessing for you and for me is a renewing of our Creative Spark.
Shabbat Shalom and love from me to you!
– Lorelai

Three videos about balance, we need it all, but we need to rest from it all too,
Shabbat Shalom,
Coach Yulia

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