Balance and Health

Thank you Dr. Emrani for your beautiful words and of your caring, professional guidance.

Afshine Emrani
The volume of “flu” I’m seeing is crazy. FYI- this is what’s happening. There are three types I’ve seen. 1- A viral gastroenteritis with low-grade temperature, vomiting, diarrhea lasting about 24 hours. It’s self-limited and just needs support with rest and fluids. 2- The real FLU virus, which lasts about 5-7 days, with dry cough, severe body pains, fatigue, temperatures of 102-103. Most cases don’t need Tamiflu and with Tylenol and hydration and soup get better. Finally, 3- there is a nasty bronchitis that is taking a long time to resolve. Productive cough (yellow, green) sputum, requiring antibiotics, inhalers, etc. I’ve seen the cough and sneezing last for two months. Many develop an allegic reaction afterward which needs to be managed by Zyrtec/ Claritin. Be patient. Wash hands. Only people who have chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease or asthma need to be closely monitored. The winds and the early spring is causing a lot of seasonal allergies. Good luck out there.
Today health and balance is beyond the doctor’s office, Thank God for doctors when it is the last resort and we need medical intervention and repair.  Other than that there are so many options, I know 100% that my use of the Neti Pot has prevented me from catching all the cold and flu going around, I am so grateful.  Now to take care of yourself, to relax, to really be conscious about everything in your life is a science and it is studied in Universities, it is called Mindfulness,
I know the best medicine for me is Shabbat,
Turning off my phone, TV, car, and the world,
My kids get all of me, and I get 100% day of rest,
Shabbat Shalom,
Coach Yulia

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