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Libra Shirt Fits

There are no rules.
I took this personality test, https://www.16personalities.com/estp-personality, and it was very interesting to read the results, you can see them below.  I took the picture above yesterday, just felt so good, my libra shirt that I got in my 20’s fit really cute, and I was headed to a Yoga class, the weather is 80 degrees, life is just grand.
personality test


I feel that nobody fits exactly into any category, but I really related to this article, http://www.annabash.com/blog/extroverted-introvert.

In the article below it talks about traits of an introvert, I honestly only related to 1,2,17,18, and 19, the rest are not me, and none of us fit into any box, we all have bits of everything.


I always try to understand where another person is coming from, and the next two links really give me a glimpse.



Whoever You Are,

Just Be You,

Coach Yulia

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