Mother and Child

Everyone understands things from their own personal perspective, we can all hear one thing, but interpret it with our own life experiences. Whenever I hear or read something inspiring, it almost always makes me think of a mother, in pregnancy, labor and birth, and why it is all worth it, that she can do it, there is nothing to fear, go in full on, let yourself feel life.

Michael Noah Ford 

“How dark it is before the Dawn!”:

– For me the pain of Life almost always preceeds the Joy – and the greater the challenge equals the greater the reward once you get through it. So if your hurting now, keep your head up, keep moving forward – one breath at a time, and get ready for some sweet goodness smile emoticon. Also, after the storm comes the Light and once you enter into this Light, you can now see what the lesson is behind your challenges – as “pain is often the touchstone for spiritual growth.”


The mother and child are forever linked:

This article talks about how being Jewish stems from the mother, and how beautiful that is, there is no escape, you can never stop being Jewish, you are family no matter what, it is inside of you,

matisyahu and eema


I have no idea what is happening in this picture, I always tell my husband I am an actor, I make expressions and put on a show for the kids, inside I am calm, never angry, just focusing on making a point.  I am not sure what my guy was doing or saying, but I went with it, and his face is saying “what are you going to do about it!”

The Joy of Children!

Coach Yulia

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