The song above is beautiful, simple, and powerful.  This Shabbat was full of friends and learning.  We had a friend visit and went with her to Friday night dinner where an amazing Rabbi was speaking about relationships, and the male and female dynamic from a physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual Kabbalah perspective.   Besides the male, potential and energy, and the female, receiving and actualization of this energy being powerful concepts in finding our other half, it is also what happens inside every person. Every person has feminine and masculine aspects, that when connected reveal our true selves living our purpose in this world.  We also met so many interesting people, it is so nice to get out of the house, luckily there were other kids so my kids were busy, and I enjoyed adult time and adult talk.

Humanity, Being Human, a Human Being, Connecting, I found Dr. Afshine Emrani’s words speaking a human truth.

Afshine Emrani

In my exam room, I sit holding a patient’s hand. She stares into my eyes until I see her inner child begging for love. Her tears fall, as do mine, inside. You never forget the face of the person placing Godly responsibilities on your shoulders. Sometimes, my medicine fails, and all that remains is the human touch. I have known couples who fell in love at a funeral, where tears, vulnerability and mortality had eclipsed the ego, allowing one person to see the other’s face for the very first time. We live in a ‪#‎faceless‬ world, where we spend most of our days facing not a human being, but a computer or phone screen. We give priority to “friends” whom we’ve never met. In a world of ‪#‎selfies‬, paradoxically, we see fewer ‪#‎faces‬. Or perhaps the selfie is our generation’s plea to look at me! There are apps to make us feel that we are facing a beloved. ‪#‎Facetime‬. ‪#‎Facebook‬. We see families out to dinner, sitting around a table, each looking at his own phone, texting the other. Let’s hope facing a person does not become a skill we have to teach. To look into the ‪#‎eyes‬ of the person in front of us requires ‪#‎courage‬, care, connection, or simply ‪#‎love‬. We look into the eyes to “face our fears” or “face the truth.” Hugo, echoed The Bible “To love another person is to see the face of God.” And, of course, Moses spoke to ‪#‎God‬ face to face.

While all this amazingness was happening, Saturday morning my kids were being kids, one woke up in the middle of the night, and we had a guest on our couch, so I couldn’t just let him cry and fall back asleep, I had to go to his bed and sleep with him, until he calmed down, nothing was wrong, maybe a dream, who knows, if we didn’t have a guest, I would have waited in my own comfortable bed for it to pass.  Then, way too early in the morning my daughter comes to my side of the bed showing me her earring fell out, and she couldn’t find the back, and I couldn’t tell her to go away, I couldn’t raise my voice, I had to get out of my bed, not to wake my husband, or the other kids, or our guest on the couch.  I took her to the kitchen, sat on the floor and quietly, yet sternly and firmly asked her to never wake me up again about an earring.

Here is an intellectual piece from the New York Times about figuring ourselves out, and how people who do, you see their inner light shining from a mile away.




Coach Yulia

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