I Want To Rock!

There were so many amazing performances at the Grammy Awards, that I completely forgot to mention another favorite that reminds me of growing up.  Hotel California by the Eagles was always on the radio, as well as Boys of Summer by Don Henley.  Above is the tribute to Glen Frey who recently passed away, it is amazing to see the rest of the band now, still rocking.  I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and fell in love with all the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal on MTV.  On New Years Eve I went to see Motley Crue for their farewell concert, it all still sounded so good, their voices, the songs, no remixes or filters, just pure rock n’ roll.

It is amazing how songs remind us of different periods of our life, and all of these songs were from seven years old when I moved to America until Hip Hop took over, which I also love.  I totally got into all the Grunge, always loved all the Dark Wave to dance to in night clubs in Miami.  All of it brings back really good memories.

Now I get to enjoy it when I am driving my car on the satellite radio, it is so nice to get a break from all of the overproduced pop songs that play over and over, and my kids love to sing.

I love rock n’ roll!

Coach Yulia

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