I Choose Work! On Shabbat I rest.

Some people work to make a living, it is not their passion, but it is something they are good at, and they enjoy separating their fun, family, and casual time.  I feel blessed that for my personality, my work is who I am, it nurtures me, keeps me sane, keeps me healthy, and I feel that it is my purpose in this world to connect and share.  I honestly never really want to stop, because everything else in my life really feels like work, I really relate to the cartoon below.

I am grateful that as an observant Jewish woman, wife, and mother, that there is one day where I cannot work.  It is such a blessing to just stop everything, to turn off all electronics, park the car and forget about it for 24 hours, and just really rest the mind and body.  Of course as a mother of small children, it is not the most restful day, but it is a necessary day. Facing life and my children fully, they have all of me 100%, can we every really say that on any other day? I know I can’t, during the week my phone is constantly in my thoughts, as well as my schedule and clients that I love.

I would be one of those people that loves my work so much, that I would never stop, and then that could be unhealthy as well, because there is not just one thing that brings us balance and happiness.

I Love Shabbat,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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