I had to teach my 7 year old about the Holocaust today

Today. Today my son said something that I had no choice but to tell him about the Holocaust. He said he saw it on some TV show, and I had to explain how our family was hated just because they were Jewish.  The video above has a very powerful sentence.

“Let’s Blame The Jews!”

I am shocked at what is blatantly happening to Jews and Israel today, and just like during the Holocaust, most of the world is silent.  From BDS, labeling, to stabbing Jews in Paris and New York!


There are strong voices, and I am so grateful for powerful Muslim voices that stand up for Jews, Thank you Farhana Rahman.
It’s amazing when the stars align, and everything falls into place in Gods master plan. 

My recent trip to Israel was beautifully memorable on its own. That led to the viral FB posts, which helped spark hundreds of new friendships. One of those friendships was with Kevin Cohnen of Pitopia.Then came the launch of ZCast, which my colleagues at ZULA and I have been working on tirelessly for months. My new friends did so much to help ZCast succeed with flying colors.

A few days later was Holocaust Rememberance Day. I wrote a post about always wanting to meet a Holocaust survivor. Kevin was one of many people that stepped up. He told me of an event he was helping sponsor at the Museum of Tolerance New York, led by Holocaust survivor, Sami Steigmann. I knew I had to take this chance.

It finally happened. I am so proud to say that I met this outstanding, inspiring Holocaust survivor with a heart of gold. Sami let me hug him, and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Oh God I am so blessed. I am so grateful. I feel more invincible than ever after meeting Sami.

I look back at all the events that led up to this, and I thank God for everything that has taken place, and for all that is yet to unfold in His master plan.

Thank you for everyone who stands with the Jewish people and Israel,

Coach Yulia

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