Breastfeeding on Sesame Street!

There was a time in America when there was no debate about breastfeeding, and there was no Facebook, but I bet pictures of breastfeeding would not have rattled as many feathers as they do now.

Lately when I teach my Yoga classes, I always talk about how everything in life is about riding a bicycle, we have to practice, and then we figure it out, our neuro-muscular system clicks.

I feel it is not only a skill, but it is a communication, the baby is learning, the mom is learning, and Thank God today there is so much support and aides for each unique situation.

It is so important to realize that nothing in life is one size fits all, we are all different, and everything is OK.  Our breast milk changes with our babies needs, and it is so fascinating, for newborns it even has melatonin to help baby learn when is day and when is night.

Let’s support the mothers all around us to do what they feel is best for their babies,

Coach Yulia

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