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Yesterday it was the Chinese Year of the Monkey, and today we celebrate a new month and a New Moon, it is the Jewish month of Adar, the happiest month in the Jewish calendar.  If you notice on our daily calendar all of the horoscopes start and end mid to end of month, that is because they are by the lunar calendar.  Here are some details of how it all works, this year because of the leap year, there are two Adars, double happiness!!


Women and Cycles:

Once our cycle starts, it affects everything, our moods, energy, physical and emotional discomfort, and on the positive side, it’s like a cleanse every month, and what enables us to have children.  Did you know that our uterus expands when we have our period?  I didn’t realize how much, no wonder I feel super bloated.  Have you heard the joke that it is hard to trust a woman because she bleeds for 5 days (or longer) and is still alive!

Ginecologia Natural 

Replicas in size a uterus that not menstruating (white) and other than it is (red). The picture is of great use to understand why we feel swollen and / or heavy at the beginning of the menstrual bleeding. Once I understood this… It is important that we take awareness and a rest!

Every culture has different traditions, and once I got married I learned a beautiful one for Jewish women, and I feel it really makes a difference in a long term relationship, having the woman in control, and renewing the exciting feeling being close with our husband every month.  Enjoy the video that explains it in detail, as well as the benefits written below.

Drorit Gaines
She did a great job explaining it. Let’s summarize some of the martial and psychological benefit of the two week separation:

1. Going to back to “dating”
2. Renewed physical attraction
3. Investing in the friendship and intellectual connection, not just physical
4. Giving the female body a break (which is physically needed)
5. Going to the spa once a month- what married woman does not need it? And especially worn out mothers…
6. To excitement of getting back together
7. Avoiding infections for men, since the period blood can be toxic to them

I love being a woman!

Coach Yulia

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