Proud Mom

Just a short clip of my son at his first piano recital last Sunday, notice his posture, his foot on the pedal, and his flow, the song is Big Ben, the clock in England.  It was one of three songs, the second two were duets with his teacher, and he rocked it, confident, and followed my advice of “The Show Must Go On,” because people will not notice mistakes, they do not know, and he did just that.

We had a huge Bar Mitzva celebration at our synagogue, with so many good friends, and then my daughter and I walked 6 blocks, because it is Shabbat and we do not drive, to her friend’s birthday party.  There are only 7 girls in her class, the rest are boys, and the girls are super close, they just had so much fun being together.  It was just a simple house party, with pizza, cake, and some outside games, and they all had a blast.

My little guy is still awake, and he gets away with all his cuteness with my husband.  The other two get more rules and get more under our skin, the little one uses his cuteness and charm every  chance he gets.

Mommy life,


My weekend is my work with my kids,

My week is my recharge with my work,

Thank God for my kind of problems,

Proud of all three,

Shavua Tov,

Coach Yulia

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