Modern History: How Countries Get Land

Here is a simply stated, a little crude, and sometimes funny video about Japan, and as it explains Japan, it also explains how all the other countries in Europe, Asia, and America have behaved in recent history.

Especially after the Holocaust, nobody in Europe wanted Jews, and they were so happy to tell the Jews to go to Israel.  What irony that now Jews are being told to leave Israel!

The Holocaust was not only a Jewish tragedy, disabled, gay, elderly, and even black victims were targeted.

Gay Victims,

Black Victims,

Claudio Puviani

At the risk of being accused of enacting Godwin’s Law, there’s a very familiar pattern at work here. The Holocaust wasn’t the result of a bunch of madmen who one day decided to kill Jews. There was a whole process that preceded that. The first step was stigmatizing Jews: blame people’s woes on the Jews and make up nonsense to make the Jews look evil and greedy. Language like “occupation”, “settlers”, “apartheid”, and “resistance” are all ingredients of a calculated and well orchestrated campaign of vilification. The next step was delegitimization of Jewish institutions. Germans first boycotted Jewish businesses, then attacked them, and finally made them illegal. This is the essence of BDS. After delegitimization came dehumanization. Jews were stripped of all rights and their property was confiscated, but no one cared because, by now, they were dehumanized. For all their “pretty” words, the BDS crowd is busy dehumanizing Jews and stripping from them such fundamental rights as free speech and the right to assemble. Not in a legal arena, but by their bully tactics. Same result. The BDS folks may not have quite reached the extreme to which the Nazis arrived, but so far, they’re following right in their footsteps. And if you get them flustered enough to say what they really think, they’ll blurt out that they want nothing less than the elimination of Israel. That’s their final solution.

The video above is exactly how Israel was born, Jews have always lived there, the United Nations agreed that it was the Jewish homeland.  Then just as you see in the video above, all the nations around Israel attacked, and LOST, TWICE.  There is no occupation, there is no apartheid, and don’t you dare use the word genocide! Go educate yourself on everybody’s history, not just your own.

Here are a few stories below,

Some inspiring,

Some heartbraking,

They are a testament to the Jewish Homeland,

We are strong today because there is a Jewish Homeland,

All over the world I hear Jews are being targeted just for being Jewish,

The rest of the world is silent,

Jewish voices are strong, loud, and proud,


BDE Hadar Cohen,

BDE Shelley Dadon,


Coach Yulia


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Tel Aviv, Israel ·

Rabbi Yosef Wallis, director of Arachim of Israel, talks to Project Witness about his father, Judah Wallis, who was born and raised in Pavenitz, Poland.

While he was in Dachau, a Jew who was being taken to his death suddenly flung a small bag at my father, Judah Wallis. He caught it, thinking it might contain a piece of bread. Upon opening it, however, he was disturbed to discover a pair of tefillin. Judah was very frightened because he knew that were he to be caught carrying tefillin, he would be put to death instantly. So he hid the tefillin under his shirt and headed for his bunkhouse.
In the morning, just before the appel [roll call], while still in his bunkhouse, he put on the tefillin. Unexpectedly, a German officer appeared. He ordered him to remove the tefillin, noted the number on Judah’s arm.
At the appel, in front of thousands of silent Jews, the officer called out Judah’s number and he had no choice but to step forward. The German officer waved the tefillin in the air and said, “Dog! I sentence you to death by public hanging for wearing these.”
Judah was placed on a stool and a noose was placed around his neck. Before he was hanged, the officer said in a mocking tone, “Dog, what is your last wish?”
“To wear my tefillin one last time,” Judah replied.
“The officer was dumbfounded. He handed Judah the tefillin. As Judah put them on, he recited the verse that is said while the tefillin are being wound around the fingers: “Ve’eirastich li le’olam, ve’eirastich li b’tzedek uvemishpat, ub’chessed, uv’rachamim, ve’eirastich li b’emunah, v’yodaat es Hashem – I will betroth you to me forever and I will betroth you to me with righteousness and with justice and with kindness and with mercy and I will betroth you to me with fidelity, and you shall know God.”
It is hard for us to picture this Jew with a noose around his neck, wearing tefillin on his head and arm – but that was the scene that the entire camp was forced to watch, as they awaited the impending hanging of the Jew who had dared to break the rule against wearing tefillin.
Even women from the adjoining camp were lined up at the barbed wire fence that separated them from the men’s camp, forced to watch this horrible sight.
“Yidden, I am the victor. Don’t you understand, I am the winner!”
As Judah turned to watch the silent crowd, he saw tears in many people’s eyes. Even at that moment, as he was about to be hanged, he was shocked. Jews were crying! How was it possible that they still had tears left to shed? And for a stranger? Where were those tears coming from? Impulsively, in Yiddish, he called out, “Yidden, I am the victor. Don’t you understand, I am the winner!”
The German officer understood the Yiddish and was infuriated. He said to Judah, “You dog, you think you are the winner? Hanging is too good for you. You are going to get another kind of death.”
“Judah, my father, was taken from the stool and the noose was removed from his neck. He was forced into a squatting position and two huge rocks were placed under his arms. Then he was told that he would be receiving 25 lashes to his head – the head on which he had dared to position his tefillin. The officer told him that if he dropped even one of the rocks, he would be shot immediately. In fact, because this was such an extremely painful form of death, the officer advised him, “Drop the rocks now. You will never survive the 25 lashes to the head. Nobody ever does.”
Judah’s response was, “No, I won’t give you the pleasure.”
At the 25th lash, Judah lost consciousness and was left for dead. He was about to be dragged to a pile of corpses , after which he would have been burned in a ditch, when another Jew saw him, shoved him to the side, and covered his head with a rag so people didn’t realize he was alive. Eventually, after he recovered consciousness fully, he crawled to the nearest bunkhouse that was on raised piles and hid under it until he was strong enough to come out under his own power. Two months later he was liberated.
“I saw what you did that day when the officer wanted to hang you. Will you marry me?”
During the hanging and beating episode, a 17-year-old girl had been watching the events from the women’s side of the fence. After liberation, she made her way to Judah. She walked over to him and said, “I’ve lost everyone. I don’t want to be alone any more. I saw what you did that day when the officer wanted to hang you. Will you marry me?”
My parents walked over to the Klausenberger Rebbe and requested that he perform the marriage ceremony. The Klausenberger Rebbe, whose Kiddush Hashem is legendary, wrote out a kesubah [marriage contract] by hand from memory and married the couple. I have that handwritten kesubah in my possession to this day.

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