The JOY of Chidlren

In Jewish thinking children bring success, there is no perfect time, and honestly are we ever ready?   This is a great article about readiness,

I am not a big cuddler, my daughter showers me with so many hugs and kisses, I literally have to breathe through it.  Every morning it is their hug time, all three of my kids, I just lay there and let them energy absorb, they each have a turn, they deserve 100%, and apparently all this love is what helps them become healthy, independent, and happy adults.

It is an everyday lesson,

An everyday blessing,

An everyday adventure,

When it gets tough I am grateful for happy, healthy, full of energy, independent, strong willed children that know exactly what they want.

I am grateful for my kind of problems,

The JOY!

Coach Yulia

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