Story of Survival

I am honestly shocked by the lack of response by the international community, and appalled at how media reports the horrific attacks on women, children, and elderly in Israel.  Did you know that the United Nations said it was just “human nature!!!!!!!!!!”

Incitement is everywhere, even in popular Palestinian music, you can listen at this link,

My family fled persecution and discrimination in the Soviet Union.  We have been blessed to thrive in America, and Europe is just getting scarier by the day for Jewish people.

The Hebrews, Jews, and Israelites are one big family, and we have been scattered all over the world.

We keep living, even when other nations decide it is not their fight, the Jewish will to live and voice is strong, we are the only nation, culture, religion, and race that has been here since the beginning of time.!/The-Mortality-of-the-Eternal-Jew-442556

The last of the Holocaust survivors are slowly passing, Thank God the history is recorded and preserved.

There is good news, New York is the latest state to prohibit BDS!

Also, the lost tribes of Israel are being discovered!

I know it is a lot to take in,

If you really want to know, learn, and educate yourself,

Take the time to read these articles,

You will get a glimpse into what we are fighting for and why,

Our voices are strong, our unity is strong, our nation of Israel is strong,

Proud Jew.

Coach Yulia

Afshine Emrani
For some, Zionism is an inconvenient truth. Others who hate the Jew more, but want to hide under the cloak of human rights, use the word “occupation” to pretend solidarity with the Palestinian while wishing nothing but the destruction of Israel and the Jew. In fact the Arab or Muslim world at large has done little to accept the Palestinians, but merely use them as pawns to blame Israel and seek her destruction, all the while as Isarel accepts refugee Jews from all over the world (Ethiopia, Russia, Iran…) with open arms, no questions asked. To us Jews, Zionism means‪#‎NEVERAGAIN‬. Never again shall the Jew sit waiting for a cruel world to come to his or her rescue. Never again shall we be at the mercy of a few, afraid of the pointed gun of the masses. Never again shall we adopt a victim’s ideology. When France turns antisemitic, Israel is there. Still, Zionism is greater than just standing up to the enemy of the Jews. For we shall not forget that as The Chosen, we have a responsibility to protect other minorities and lift others fallen. So, this tiny land that is a center of refuge amidst a sea of surrounding enemies, also remains the world leader in curing diseases, advancing technology, leading human right campaigns with regard to women’s rights and LGBT issues, and is always the first to show up to help any country hit by natural disaster. This is why I am a staunch Zionist. This is why every ‪#‎holocaust‬ memorial day, all Jews must recommit to Israel. I am a proud American, a proud Jew, a proud Zionist, and I will teach the world never ever again to stamp numbers on the skin of my people, God’s people. AM ISRAEL CHAI. Amen.



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