Today’s post is just random things that go together and make us feel good.  Each individual has certain gifts, talents, genes, skills, and life is about figuring out how we operate and balance ourselves at the optimal level.

When you align with your purpose in this world, it is magic, like they say, when you love what you do, you do not work a day in your life.


Free yourself from everything that Binds.

What does not fit, just Decline.

Enjoy the pleasures of life, Wine and Dine.

Take care of your health and you will be feeling Fine.

To achieve success join the daily Grind.

So you will not fall Behind.

Calm Your Mind.

Did you hear there are not eight planets, but Nine?

It is not healthy to Pine.

Leave the Rind Behind.

Sign on the dotted Line.

Let go of the Whine.

Not only on New Year, every day is a fresh start singing Old Lang Syne!

Hope you enjoyed my Reason and Rhyme.

Whether its musical, celestial, or just pure comedy,

Align and Share with the world,

Express YOU,

Coach Yulia






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