Mommy and Baby Post Partum Class

Join me every Friday at 11am right off of Wilshire and La Cienega for the best Mommy and Baby class in town.  Why you ask?  Because for once it is all about the Mommy, sure we will have some toys and interaction for your newborn to almost walking cutie, but 99.9% focus will be on the mom.  If the mom is happy and healthy, the baby is happy and healthy.

Personally I have enjoyed bringing my baby to a baby focused group where mommy’s just chat, it was great even for me to socialize about mommy stuff.  I tried a Mommy and Me Yoga once, but felt I could never focus on me and Yoga, especially since the baby was right there.

Instead of doing something that takes us away from baby, I am doing a combination of exercises that really work you out, but it is easy to incorporate baby in a fun way.  As you see in the flyer below, we focus on core, as well as the abdominal area as a whole, staying lean and strong, and adding some Yoga stretches when the babies are busy with a toy.  I love to customize for every person, since there will be different ages and stages, especially newborn mama’s, so come and try and take care of mama!

Joining us will be Yael Rotter-Mossery, she runs a Post Partum discussion group for moms, so she will help us answer all the other questions that are not fitness related, plus as usual we learn from each other.

Let’s get healthy, lean, strong, fit, and full of energy together!

Coach Yulia


Mommy and Baby Flyer 001

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