How do you music?

My oldest son is going to have his first piano recital in a couple of weeks, and he is so confident and excited, his teacher told him the other day that he is a musician.  He really is a musician, he has a photographic memory, totally understands the language of music, and even started to “compose” his own song.  It sounded so good, so I told him he is composing a song, so now he likes to tell everyone that he is composing a song.  My daughter loves to sing, and my little guy is a dancer, he already at three years old has got some amazing moves.

My mother is a professional musician, piano, conducting choir, and an amazing voice range. In our house it was quiet because it was her job, so my introduction to music was 80’s radio, some of those songs are still in my head, “turn around, every now and then…,” as well as Chicago, Lionel Richie, Richard Marx, and of course the love of my life Prince. Then MTV made all the hair bands very visually stimulating and fun, I enjoyed the performance aspect as well as the music.  I have also always been into the dark dance music, Depeche mode, Sisters of Mercy, Nine Inch Nails, and then into Jane’s Addiction and all the Grunge. The only thing I personally cannot get into is country music, some of it is a little more rock so I like it, and other is more pop, but it just doesn’t do it for me.

My kids couldn’t stop singing the video below from Doda Mollie, its quite catchy. This is just a clip, but it goes through the whole alphabet, ABCDEF CHEESE, HIJKLMNO CHEESE, QRSTU CHEESE, WXY and CHEESE, Now I know my AB CHEESE, finish it with me!

How do you music?
Coach Yulia


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  1. As Eli’s piano teacher I echo his mother’s words of praise about how well he is doing at piano lessons. It also helps when you have a mom like Yulia who is so encouraging and supportive. May all moms know that piano lessons offer many benefits to children from improving their ability to concentrate, increased brain development, self-confidence and much more. LynneKruger.com is my website to check out. Go Eli, so proud of you and you will be great at your first piano recital next week! – Miss Lynne

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