What does a Doula do?

I AM DOULA, What is a Doula? from Doula Trainings International on Vimeo.


Here are a few videos and articles that can give you a glimpse into exactly what a Doula does. It is so wonderful that now people want to know more and have even heard about hiring a Doula for their Labor and Birth.  When I explain it to a potential client, I tell them it is very intimate, we have to be really comfortable with each other, to be completely yourself, to yell, scream, touch, or just to be quiet together.  My goal as a Doula is for each woman to find what gets her through it one contraction at a time.  There is no formula, sure there are tools, but ultimately each woman, pregnancy, labor, and birth will be completely different.  All my own three births were so different, and I was so happy to have my Doula, that helped me let go of control because I knew she was in control, and she kept my husband calm, and they were a great team.  However the partner chooses to participate, I completely support, it is so personal and individual.  I knew that I needed a Doula just to focus on me, nurses walk in and out of the room to be with other patients, the doctor comes at the end to catch the baby, and no matter if you are at home or at the hospital, it all takes time.  Watchful waiting is the midwifery term, no clock, no failure to progress, just allowing each mom and baby to labor and connect.  I labored at home, but chose to give birth at the hospital, Thank God for our modern medical system just in case something goes wrong, we know they know exactly what to do.  So why think about all that, they are there if we need them.  It is more important to be present, and trust your body and baby, trust what you need, say what you need, say exactly what you need, I will listen.

Coach Yulia



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