The current Middle East map is so recent!

Saudi Arabia 1932

Iraq 1934

Iran 1935

Lebanon 1941

Israel 1948

Syria 1961

I have been doing some reading about the Middle East, it is so fascinating to me, the roots of nations, cultures, eras, and why they have the names that they do.  Especially with the current situation between Saudi Arabia and Iran.  What interested me the most is that the European nations decided to create the Middle East region into two distinct areas.

“the 20th century imperialist Europeans, having no use in intra-religious conflict, carved up the Middle East and created disparate Shiite and Sunni regions.  What is today referred to as Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria was designated at the Shiia area, and the Sunnis were give the rest of the Middle East.”

I am also reading a book about Jewish history from Babylonian times until the creation of Israel.  The map below shows that after biblical times there were two Jewish kindgoms, Israel and Judea.  Israel was destroyed and Judea was cconquered and some of the Jews became Babylonian Jews.  When Babylonia was conquered, Judea was restored again, this was before Christianity and Islam.  You will see in the link below, the Greeks gave the name Palestine to the region, and eventually there were Palestinian Jews, Arabs, and Christians.  So before the British Mandate expired, fighting broke out, and the decision was made to make a Jewish state.


This is the original map of that region, during Babylonian times before Christianity and Islam, so interesting.

Ancient Israel Map 001

So the Middle East is in all of our reality now,

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Alan Silver

This is the end of the sanctions on Iran.

Now that the sanctions on Iran are now being removed, Iran is about to make its biggest arms deal ever in its history,has been confirmed by a top defence official in the Iranian government.

21 billion dollars of arms are set to be bought by Iran, only due to the removal of sanctions by America. They are buying the most advanced fighter bomber planes available in the world, very advanced missile systems of the offensive type that they themselves could not build.

Iran is about to light up the whole middle east with America’s help. America does not have many friends left in the middle east rcept for Saudi Arabia and Egypt and this deal with Iran is upsetting these friends terrible. Now why should America prefer Iran to the friends she has. Does this all maje sense? Only if you have shares in the arms industry.

This dropping of sanctions is now going to start an arms race where America is going to be obliged to supply her friends with defence systens to protect themselves from a very strong Iran and dont be surprised if we find American soldiers being killed by these very weapons when her friends are attacked by Iran and America having to come to their aid to save them.

This is such a bizzare scenario that even in our wildest dreams we could not come up with such a situation.

America well done as leader of the free world you have just killed the only freedom in the world that was left.



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