Thank You Soviet Union


My comfort food: Selodka (herring), Kasha (buckwheat), and Kapusta (homemade saur kraut) not pictured is Borsht, Galupzi, and all the delicious food I grew up with.

Everything is good, even the bad has good in it.  When the Soviet Union took over countries that had nothing to do with it, one of those countries included my father.  All of those countries learned Russian, and many people wanted to travel to Moscow for marriage, work, and opportunity since it was the big city center of it all.  My father’s mother, may her memory be a blessing was traveling on a train and met someone that was looking for a nice Jewish boy for my mother who lived in Moscow.  Once they met, he proposed three days later, and they just celebrated 44 years together.  I was born nine months later, and if the Soviet Union did not conquer Central Asia, and specifically Chechnya, I would not be in this world.

Everything happening in the world today could be turned into a positive, learning experience. There are many sides, and everybody has their own personal experience. I found this video the other day where a Palestinian grandson was interviewing his grandfather.

The French and British controlled the Middle East after the end of the Ottoman Empire fell, very interesting how the world we see today came to be.

There is so much history,

I am grateful for mine,

I am fascinated by yours,

Let’s keep learning and moving forward,

Coach Yulia



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