Jewish challenges, pride, and love for Israel



This is a fact, throughout history Jewish people have been targeted, killed, discriminated against, and blamed for everything under the Sun.  We keep going, the video above shows a brother and sister reuniting after being separated as kids in the Holocaust.

Today at 10am, put on your Kippa for support of French Jews, join Bono, David Beckham, and Brad Pitt!

Powerball? Thanks to a nice Jewish boss, who was also the same guy that bought food for 400 US troops that were stranded at an airport. Well not really, I later read that it was a joke played on the nurse by her kids, but still, go boss go!

This article points out how upset everyone is at Trump for targeting certain groups, but nobody says a word when the head of the Palestinian Authority clearly says that there would be not one Israeli in a Palestinian state.


Israel is here to stay,

Look at the beauty below,

Jews and Israel are one,


Am Yisroel Chai,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

This is a common sight in the Negev desert these days during sunset. In the winter these birds fly over Israel on their way to their new migration destination.

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