It was interesting to watch the frenzy before the powerball numbers were announced.  Some people spend hundreds of thousand of dollars to have better odds, but ultimately it is still odds, there are no guarantees.  It is exciting to be excited, and also to think about all the fun, possibilites, adventures, and of course material things that would just make life so fabulous.  Yes the money is exciting, but what is more exciting are the dreams, and when we dream, things become possible. The video above shows Steve Harvey right before he is about to host Family Fued, he is talking to his audiences and giving some great advice about jumping into life, and how every successful person had to just jump!

I am grateful that trusting my gut and listening to what felt right led me to Yoga, and so many beautiful things have unfolded, including meeting my husband through one of my students, and now after having children, teaching Prenatal Yoga and offering Doula Services.  I posted a few days ago some pictures of the promotion at 24 hour fitness, here are the actual clips from the morning news, http://ktla.com/2016/01/12/new-fitness-classes/.  Sometimes you just see my butt, and sometimes they don’t catch the best angle, but I embrace where I am now, and my lifetime journey of health and fitness.  I want to be the example of “I will get there in a healthy, permanent way, without extremes or surgery.”

I really believe in in lifestyle and lifetime, we change every day, especially major life changes like puberty or parenthood, as well as aging, but I really believe if we take care of ourselves, it is just a number, and preventive maintenance for our health.  I was lucky to have good genes and love healthy food, but when I started working on cruise ships in my mid twenties, the midnight buffet did not help.  I got into jazzercise, and even did atkins, but when I moved to Los Angeles and stumbled upon my Yoga teacher, I knew I found my life path, for me and to share with the world.  This is a great article about Yoga and bone strength,


I will leave you with some happy thoughts and truth from an amazing Doctor who is an inspiration to everyone he comes across,

Afshine Emrani
…And here’s the secret to life.

What would make you happy? What one thing?

We wait for that one thing to make our life complete. For a great husband. For a beautiful wife. For money. For a career. To publish a book. To become famous. To collect one more piece of art or jewelry. To have a child…or two. For a dream house. To meet that one person. And we hang our happiness on that one thing…if only.

What if you got it today, right now? Would that give you eternal happiness? What about tomorrow? Would the goal post move to something else? When we get what we want, we think, of course, we deserve it, and we rationalize why.

But the truth is that happiness lies not in the capture of the butterfly, not in the arrival, but in the chase, in the journey. We are problem solving machines.

Happiness is a byproduct of creating meaning in our lives, in creating a peaceful home for that husband, in supporting that beautiful wife with her dreams, in raising children that give back to society, in building a home that is a lighthouse, in a career that unselfishly goes beyond us, in writing words that empower the fallen.

The secret is inside of us all. We are made of love and meant to share love; we are made of light and are meant to share light. Our happiness is deeply intertwined with others’. Nothing and no thing matters but how we love one another, how we empower each other, how we give.

Happy Thursday,

Coach Yulia



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