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I am very gullible, it is very easy to make me believe things, I like to trust, and think that people are just telling me straight up real.  So I saw the first picture a few days ago and got excited to get 4.33 million, and then my friend posted the second picture, and I already have a calculator, on my phone, don’t need more stuff, thanks.  Everybody is talking about what they are going to do “when” they win, so I ask you, besides money, how is life?  I can honestly say everything else is magic, and money would only make more things possible.  I came across this share by a friend, it is so powerful when you realize how “rich” you already are.

Those who count their blessings have more blessings and fulfillment in life than those who don’t. This is a simple principle. Yet it has the power to change your life. Many people confuse gratitude with elation. They think that when they’re elated about some event and go, ‘Oh, I’m so thankful for that!’ that they are being grateful. But true gratitude actually has little to do with those temporary moments of happiness or elation. True gratitude is a quiet state of poise and inner calm where you are truly thankful, where you sense the Divine order and wouldn’t want anything to change. Gratitude is a true prayer of thanksgiving. But there are two types of thanksgiving and they are both very different. The first type of thanksgiving is often false. It arises when you are dissatisfied with life. It is represented by, ‘Oh God/universe/world, this is all messed up. Please fix it!’ The second type of thanksgiving is real. It arises when you are truly thankful for what has already been given. With this type of thanksgiving you recognize the order and perfection of what is. As a result you receive ever more gifts. Make everyday a thanksgiving day by saying ‘Thank you’ – There is no limit to how many times you can thank a person, including yourself, and while it may only be two simple words, their meaning is universal and their effects can be profound.

Thank You!

Coach Yulia

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