My neighbor asked me, “Did I see you on TV?”

Do you see me?  I had fun this morning helping 24 Hour Fitness promote two new classes, Treat While You Train and Booty Barre, so much fun!  I love to keep learning, every day I am learning, always a new adventure, especially how to stay healthy, fit, and have a great time.  It was on KTLA news in the morning, so excited my neighbor was a witness!  I love participating, performing, being part of a group energy, supporting what I love, and letting my inner exhibitionist out once in a while.  I had to be up at 4am, had a chance to take a quick nap, took my son to his piano lesson, grabbing some dinner, and heading out to teach two more classes.  Grateful for my husband and kids knowing that I gotta do what I gotta do.


With the variety of options in fitness today, there really is no excuse not to find something you like.  Below is a great video on how to do cardio all on your own, with no equipment, anywhere you like.

Just Do It,

Coach Yulia

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