What Is Real?

As I sit down on this Monday morning, my brain has nothing pertinent to share, and then I see the picture above and it all becomes clear.  My husband and I watched the movie The Big Short, and it was fascinating to me because it explained in detail how the housing bubble happened and why it burst.  People were under the impression that the economy was booming, but in reality it was crumbling.  So I ask you what is real?  The article below is the Jewish lesson of the week, and it is so powerful because it says all we need to be happy and fulfilled is to take time to notice and feel that way, gratitude, prayer, a journal, just being conscious of the good in our life makes us present and fulfilled!

Another way to make sure you are forced to be present is to have some babies, there is no escape, and although a challenge and a direct hit to our ego and selfish lifestyle, there is a positive side, and I am grateful.

I love real,

I love to feel,

Let’s congeal,

Maybe meet for a meal,

Nothing to conceal,

Ready to heal,

Be free and unpeel,

Document it in a reel,

Only in child’s pose shall we kneel,

Let’s make a deal,

Secure with a seal,

Find your real,

Do it with zeal!

Coach Yulia

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