Two Facts About Jewish People

There are many interesting articles in this blog.  On Shabbat I like to do my reading, and the Jewish Journal and Jewish Home have some great articles about everything Jewish in the world.  I was shocked to read that today in history in the year 1349 in Switzerland, Jews were rounded up and burned because they were blamed for the Black Death plague throughout Europe.  Yep, that is the first fact about Jewish people:

1. Scapegoats for everything

Jewish Journal

Here is another article that talks about the European Jews, sometimes loved, and sometimes blamed and massacred.


2. Jewish people and Israel are here to stay, there have been many empires, many wars, nothing but collaboration will help, do not even try violence, the Jewish nation and Israel have been here since the beginning of time and will keep living life to the fullest.


There was also a fascinating article about Iran, and especially Iran before Islam.  The Persian people are all over the world accomplishing great things, and that is why even though Iran now sponsors terror, they cannot convince their own people of following.

So happy to see this in my news tonight!

I will end with some humor, Jews want to find fellow Jews everywhere, especially famous ones, and ones that have accomplished great things. Check out the Jewish roots of Elvis Presley and Bob Marley!


Shavua Tov,

Coach Yulia

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