This is going to be me



Yep.  Many of you have met me at different points of my life, I love so many things, and have been lucky to have many adventures and experiences, and I am not done yet!  When I watch this video, I see myself jumping into a dance, with a good lead, because I am a good follow, and having fun with the reactions of the crowd. Yes at one time my business card said performance artist/exhibitionist, that was before I found Yoga and it helped me chill out, in a good way.  I am a free spirit who wants to experience every ounce of life fully, luckily my parents and now my husband fully support my whims and wings.

After all the fun travels, jobs, and people I have met, I am fully in my newest adventure of wife and mother, definitely non stop and full of surprises, twists, turns, never a boring moment.  My kids go back to school full time tomorrow, THANK GOD, I love everything in doses, including family.  I am taking them to a local event, low key, fun for kids,  There is also an awesome LEGO event,, it is quite a drive for me, that is always a consideration when living in Los Angeles, even though its Sunday and usually no traffic, even on the 405, where you usually only go 4 or 5, HA! My favorite joke 🙂

Happy Sunday!

Coach Yulia



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