Knowing your blessings


Notice the lower cloud in the middle, as I was driving it looked like a bird with its wings up, the colors were so beautiful, as you see I was at a red light, looks cool. Today was just one of those amazing days when everything clicks, everything works, and appreciation is everywhere, genuine connection.  I started teaching a wonderful Yoga to one of my favorite couples, and then went to teach my Pilates regulars a Yoga class, and they all literally fell in love.  One gentleman told me it was the best Yoga class he had ever taken in his life, and another beautiful lady told me that she feels Yoga will do her so much good, even more so than Pilates.  I feel so blessed to be able to bring something I love and that really works for me to my students, and share it in an intimate, comfortable, and open atmosphere.

Then I ran home grabbed my older two kids and took them to downtown, stopped by, which my friend was one of the visionaries and architects, to show them around and they loved it.  Then we ran to the arcade, they are hooked, teaching them the old school ropes, ipads would suck them in, this is a rare treat, and my daughter really figured it out and had fun.  Afterwards I dropped them off at their afternoon Jewish school, and went to see a good friend and yoga student, her mother just passed away, and I was happy to make time to visit.  We talked about happiness, not complaining, being present, knowing our blessings, I am so grateful I am in this state of mind 24/7, I do not know how to operate any other way.

I also had a phone interview about a potential new business opportunity, and she was driving in the mountains near malibu, and had to stop because the view with the clouds was so beautiful they mesmerized her, love it, my kind of gal.  I love nature, noticing it is knowing our blessings, to live in this breathtaking world we are lucky to live in every day.

I am finishing off my night with a Prenatal Yoga class, and then getting a massage!

Could life get any better?

Why not!

Bring it on,

Coach Yulia

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