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As a mom, we figure things out, and the video above is brilliant, everyone is happy, and things are getting done.

As a mom we try not to lose the girl before she got married, and the wife before she had children, things will change, but the source is still deep inside.

I loved this article about finding the right match, makes me think of my straight forward, real, and definitely never boring man.

As a mom everything you hear applies to your kids, when I was a kid nothing bothered me, I didn’t want to watch news, only wanted to live in my happy bubble. From pregnancy to labor to birth, there is so much information, so many experiences and suggestions, before you get pregnant you don’t need to know any of this stuff.  Then from newborn on, all the scary stuff in the world, I wish I could just put it out of my bubble.  From guns, to abuse, and everything else happening all over the world, the only think we can do is stay present, communicate with our children, and teach them the joys of living and life.  The world will be crazy, only we can choose to control our reactions and perceptions, I choose to always be positive, and surround myself with positive, and I will teach my children the same.

Coach Yulia

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