Underwear and Two Bananas

Facebook reminded me of this picture four years ago, my caption was “All day she sings “Torah, Torah I love you.”  My daughter was not even three yet, and now my littlest is turning four this year, and I am soooo ready for them all to grow up so we can just have some tea and chat, no more whining.  My little guy has really been the easiest personality, and I think we have him finding out he can use his strong voice for other things.  This morning the underwear I picked out were not to his liking, and he didn’t stop screaming at the top of his lungs, because everything after that just kept it going.  He wanted a banana, and once peeled it broke in two, then he wanted another banana, and the top got mushy, so I took it off, and he didn’t like that either.  Was I happy to escape to the work I love this morning, I had a Yoga class to teach, and I was counting down the minutes to be in a place with a positive energy exchange, especially everybody there in the New Year ready to focus and start fresh.

Then I took the kids to an all day play at a venue in our community, it was the first time they had it, not too many people showed up, but my kids had a blast, and I got to just hang, which is my favorite thing to do, is they play, and I hang.  I was also helping out a bit, so I got to learn how to operate a popcorn machine and a cotton candy machine, always fun to learn something new.

Feeling good tired,

Big rains supposed to start tonight,

And another whiny child interrupts, the one in the picture,

Til Tomorrow,

Coach Yulia

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