Let’s Start 2016 with some TRUTH

Yesterday Alon Bakal sent his father a text. It read “I am having fun. I love life.”
Today he was murdered in the Tel Aviv attack.
May his memory be a blessing.


A powerful thought was shared today:
Afshine Emrani
There’s a crack in everything;

that’s how the light gets in.
This morning’s hike.
Convict Lake.
Best place to pray first Shabbat of 2016.

Our world is full of cracks, and it is not a bad thing, it leads us to the light. My husband was reading that now Whole Milk is making a comeback in sales, where before everybody wanted the 1% and 2%, because now people know healthy fat is good, rather than watered down, there are so many more alternatives, better have the real thing or nothing.  So I was telling him that research keeps revealing new things, and marketing jumps on top of it, and it truly amazing what people firmly believe, and than in an instant there is a new truth.

There are a few articles that expose the truth of today in a few areas of life and our world that I am very passionate about.  In Israel terrorism is out of control, it was the only place to have an attack on New Years Eve, and nobody heard a peep, and the following article explains what has been happening.



Here is another truth, BABIES AND SLEEP, to each their own, but in most of the world babies sleep on their tummies, all of mine Thank God were healthy with great head movement, were on their belly since two months at night.  It helped their sensitive stomachs, and I trusted my Russian/European upbringing.  I found this article so interesting, check it out.


Finally, who we are, we cannot escape from, even in the wonderful United States of America, even if we blend in, our roots, ancestors, history, are our truth.


It makes me think of Yoga,

I tell everybody there is form and alignment which is universal, just one way.

Then there is your body, we are all different, everybody will feel different, look different, and we must figure out our own body’s way, because there is no perfect way or right way, just your way.

Same with life,

Figure it out, without disconnecting,

Coach Yulia

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