I Figured It Out


May my adventure give you something to ponder, this is how life really works, try it in 2016.  I had such a great time last night at the Motley Crue concert, they really delivered, sounded absolutely amazing, and were so grateful to have their last night, on New Year’s Eve, in the place where it all began, Los Angeles.  What I love about concerts like this, is they are so rare nowadays, and it is just pure, raw talent, fun, passion, and really connecting with the fans.  They are amazing musicians, and the lead singers voice still sounded just like it did on the albums, they finished it off with Home Sweet Home, in the center of the floor, so it was closer to where I was sitting.  The drummer started on the piano, and then when he moved over to drums, the stage lifted, and then finished low again, so he could finish the song on the piano, I was warm and fuzzy inside.

So how did it all happen? First I found out the tickets were starting at only $20, but I didn’t know which day to go, the two days before I was working, and New Year’s Eve there were no plans, and I am so grateful my husband told me to go have fun, even though I didn’t have a ticket, and stayed home with the kids.

The metro was free because of the holiday, it is close by, so I left my car there for free, and took the less than 20 minute ride directly to the front of the concert venue.  Downtown LA was jumping for NYE, once I got off I saw a big line, and asked where the box office was.  I didn’t get tickets in advance because I didn’t want to pay the service fee and found out I could buy them at the box office, but they were out of the $20 tickets, next up was just under $40, so I put $30 in my pocket and decided to just go with the flow.

On my way to the box office, I saw a father looking for the box office, he told me his sons were already inside, they drove from San Francisco, and that Dr. Feelgood was his first Motley Crue concert, so I told him we were in it together.  A guy came up to us with two tickets offering $120, we were not interested, and then he dropped it down to $60 for two tickets, so awesome we were two, he stood with one of us, so one could get in and we could see that they were not fake.  This nice father bought me a Margarita with a special Motley Crue cup, and we rocked out singing along with everyone else, the place was at full capacity.

The picture above is right after the countdown and the balloons droppping.  We were up high, but clear view of the stage and of the big screen, we did not miss a thing, especially the drum roller coaster, which malfunctioned at the end, but we all just gave love and were happy with how grateful they were that the band was together for 35 years, they started in 1981.

On the way home, I got on the wrong train, and was so excited showing off my commemorative cup, and asked the couple I was talking to where were they headed, luckily I am a friendly person, and they said long beach, and I got off at the next stop, and boarded the right train home, where I met another awesome new friend, who was a musician, and told me that the guitarist has a degenerative bone disease, and it takes a lot for him to play.

Got home at 1:30am,

Took kids to a fun museum in the valley,


Ready for Shabbat,

Happy 2016!

Shabbat Shalom

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