New Year, Frozen, Motley Crue

I have an interesting relationship with New Year’s Eve, it has gone through many stages.  I was born in the Soviet Union, it was the biggest holiday then, and to any Russian you meet, it is the party of the year. During communist time, there was no religion allowed, so they took all the Christmas symbols of the tree and Santa Claus and made it part of the New Year celebration.  When my Jewish family moved to America, running from persecution and claiming our right to practice openly and freely,  we rejected anything to do with Christmas symbols and did not make a big deal about the New Year.

As I grew up in Denver, Miami, and now Los Angeles, New Year in America is a time for renewal, partying all night long, and making resolutions to make the following year the best yet.  All of that sounded good to me, and I have been partying, and even being part of the biggest parties of the year as a performer.

Now in my married observant Jewish life with children, we celebrate the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana and the holidays that follow full on, it is like the American holiday season, that long, that intense, taking time of of work and school for a whole month.  The New Year is not even celebrated by some people in my community, but I love the concept of fun, renewal, and getting together with friends for a rare night out.

Today I want to figure out how to take my younger two kids to Frozen, my older boy has a very fun birthday party all day long into the night.  Then I want to figure out how to take myself to Motley Crue, I can take the metro for free, it is free all night because of the New Year.  I used to go to every heavy metal, hairband concert when I was in high school, it was so much fun.

One of my Yoga students told me she is going to figure out how to be in Australia for the New Year, and I Just saw on Facebook that she made it happen.  So I am putting my wishes out into the world, anybody want to come party with me tonight?

Happy New Year,

New Beginnings,

New Possibilities,


Coach Yulia


I loved this! Check out some of the responses to it, some positive, some negative,  It really is all about perspective, maybe this New Year, choose to the Positive View!

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