Think for a moment, what takes your breath away? I always talk about breathing in my Yoga, Pilates, and as a Doula.  We are not supposed to stop breathing, yet there are things in life that stop us in our tracks, sometimes ecstasy, sometimes fear.IMG_3694[1].JPG

Seeing nature takes my breath away.  I just feel entranced, still, one with the beauty.  One of the places I teach Yoga has an entrance through the fourth floor parking garage.  Since the sun sets early, when I get to the gym at 6pm, the sunset is so colorful and picturesque, this picture does not do it justice.

Yesterday I was driving home late after a class, almost 10pm, I was above the city on a highway, and I saw a dark red oval shape, it was huge, it kind of looked like the moon, but it was so low, I kept on trying to have my eye on it.  Once I was close to home I tried to take a picture of it, but I could not capture it with all the city lights.  I am still in awe, and I tried to look it up online to see if it was a special moon, it really looked alien, oblong, odd, mysterious, I love nature.

A wonderful Yoga student of mine hooked up my whole family to go to the zoo today.  We had such a fun time, the giraffes and gorillas were so friendly and curious, my little guy said the monkey was looking at him.  It was cool but a warm sun, really a perfect day to go, the kids had a blast.


Just hanging out on the anaconda sculpture,

Birthday parties, museums, play dates, oh my,

My kids are having the best winter break ever,

Coach Yulia


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