Kids Keep Us Present

Guess Who?  Facebook puts up memories, and this one was from four years ago, so my oldest boy Eli Tzvi was just over three years old, after we cut his super long hair for the first time, he looks so cool!

I started to put the kids baby pictures up on my laptop, rotating each one, it is so hard to imagine them when they were little.  Most of us live in our own heads, no matter what age we are, we feel like ourselves, and do not really notice time going by, until a lot of time has gone by.

When you have kids, you are so immersed in the every day, that as they get older before your eyes, you only see the now, it is only in pictures that you see how much they have transformed.

As adults, we do not change as much as kids do, I personally just feel good, to me age is just a number.  I was born in Russia, and there you just celebrate and toast, nobody is hung up on a number.  Also with kids we have no choice but to be present, where most of the time people are in yesterday or tomorrow in their heads.  When I teach Yoga, my goal is that each person tells everyone and everything in their life to leave them alone for one hour, and just feel good and take care of themselves.  It is not selfish, it is self care, and it is essential to health, strength, fitness, flexibility, form, alignment, core, and turning off our brain from the world.

  • If we don’t take a break, we will break, so put on the brakes, and take care of you.
  • Ask yourself from time to time, am I breathing, we start thinking and we stop breathing.
  • Our breath is non stop, Thank God, and when we focus on our breath, our brain is unable to do anything else, we really cannot multi task, we can only do one thing at a time.

Kids force us to be present, we have to experience the moment, no escape. If we could force ourselves to be present in our daily life, really experience each moment, forget about history, tomorrow is a mystery, focus on the present, because it is a gift.

Words of my Yoga teacher:

Yesterday is Depression/Tomorrow is Anxiety

Think about it.

Or Just Feel Now.

Think of Nothing, Feel Everything

Coach Yulia



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