Grandparents are unique to the human race



I love the deep lessons in Judaism, and I found this so fascinating, that only human beings have grandparents that are involved, learn from their wisdom, and enjoy that special connection between grandchild and grandparent.

So we are about to start week two of the kids winter break, so far we are surviving, play dates, museums, and special time with mom. This week we have more in store, and today one has a play date, the other two will relax with my husband while I do something for me. I am teaching a Yoga class, and right after there is a Zumba class that my students said I must take, the instructor is fun, amazing, and a great workout.  I told my husband, it is me time, excited to get some cardio in.  I am going to write more about cardio tomorrow, there are so many ways to do it, and the secret is to find what you like because we all need it.

Happy Sunday,

Coach Yulia

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