Quality Time

With three kids and a husband, the challenge is to make each one feel like they are getting your undivided attention.  I am a good performer, I can look like I know what I am doing at just about anything, and motherhood is definitely a role of a lifetime.  My older two are already on their winter vacation, and today is my little guy’s last day, we passed out Israeli chocolates to all of his teachers, YUM!

Monday I took my oldest for our quality time to the arcade.  All of our kids are different, and my kid would literally never raise his eyes from an ipad, video game, or anything on any device or on TV.  I know it is a new world, but I was seven years old when we immigrated from Russia to America, and we had nothing.  Yes maybe I was one extreme of having nothing, but having everything is the other extreme.  As long as I can keep devices away from our home, I will do it.  They can have fun at friend’s houses, and even at school they get computer time, at home it is movies or shows, I did have a TV in my room growing up.  Now I tell my husband no TV in the bedroom, it is only for sleep and love!


Yesterday I took my daughter for a mani/pedi, only her second one in her life, the first one was for her uncle’s wedding last August.  This is a luxury and only for special occasions for her.  I didn’t get my first mani/pedi until a guy friend took me when I moved to Los Angeles at 27 years old!  I was a natural Miami girl, at least that is how it was when I grew up there, I think it is probably more like LA now.  What I love about Miami is that it is hot, so everybody is just comfortable, wearing light clothes, and it is so diverse and ethnic, and everybody celebrates their curves.  It was a fun place to grow up, 24/7 fun, sometimes I would go straight from going out to my college class.  I was OK with getting B’s and balancing it with good times.


Usually I get a french manicure, but she picked a fun wintry, FROZEN color, and I suggested we match, and she was so excited, sparkly fun!

Tomorrow the real fun begins,

All the kids are home,

Tons of play dates,

Events, Museum, Zoo,

Good Times,

Our Quality Time is Fun Time,

Coach Yulia

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