My son gets it


There is so much in my head, but all I can send forth is do not fret when things go wrong, around the corner you will be even happier than ever before.  The good is everywhere, so just take a breath and move forward.  Have you ever had something bad almost happen? What is your first thought?

  • Anger that it could have happened
  • Grateful that it did not happen
  • Other

I am always grateful, I feel like there is an awareness around me that I connect to deeply, and it ALWAYS steers me in the right direction.  Do things go wrong? YES, life happens, there is no perfection, our reaction is our choice.

We all have our gifts, unique abilities, skills, and connections, and I am so blessed that my son has the musical genes of my amazing mother.  That kid above gives me a glimpse into what my son is capable of and more.  He also has a photographic memory and is great with languages, after all music is a language.  I have a good ear for music, feel beats, and love to move, but the language just doesn’t enter my brain.  My son was explaining the language to me even before his first piano lesson.

Tune into your gifts,

We all have something special about us,

Tap into yours,

Coach Yulia

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