I met a mom when I took my kids to the park this afternoon, we hit it off, could not stop talking about life, and became Facebook friends.  She posted the amazing picture above, and I had to share, my favorite part is that N.O. means Next Opportunity, it is all about perspective.

We finally got the work finished at our place, and it was so nice to be back in our own beds, really appreciate living on the first floor, with tons of room for kids to roam.  Getting away from routine, really makes you realize what you have, and that is why I love Shabbat.  Stepping off the world, putting everything out of our mind, and just focusing on family, friends, food, spirituality, and rest.

Speaking of perspective, when we were just about to leave the park, my oldest son was behind a group of kids, and there was a little girl that was lagging behind, and he was trying to get to me, and the girl’s mom screamed at my boy to get away from her.  Luckily he was just as confused as I was and did not get upset, and when the lady came over to the bench I was sitting on, where her stuff was, I said I am sorry if something happened, but my son was not following her, he was coming to me.  Then I had a long talk with my son to make sure he was OK, and told him that nobody has the right to touch him or yell at him, and if it was just him, he should have told her, I am just going to my mom!  OY!

This is the most important phrase I have read today:

Afshine Emrani
There is no room for idleness: In this world, you are either complacent to darkness or championing light!


Be Present,

Stay healthy, so there is no need for medications that makes people numb,

I do not remember where I read this but it is very powerful,


Slow Down,

Smell The Roses,

Stand Up,

Be Heard,

Champion Light!

Coach Yulia





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