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What I love about living in the United States of America, is that my family gets to live, celebrate, eat, and just be ourselves.  I was raised to be strong in my roots, and appreciate the diversity around me.

I am grateful to live in these times, and I am so blessed to have a strong voice representing the Jewish nation.  Here are a few other strong voices:

Rae Shagalov

The central atom of the molecule of social justice is the engaged, not the enraged, citizen.
Before he sold Timberland, the family company he headed until last year, Jeffrey Swartz made the firm a pioneer in ‘social responsibility.’ 

Here are Adam Sandler and Howard Stern, nice Jewish boys!

I teach Yoga, there are a million different ways to teach Yoga, the people that come to my class connect to the type of Yoga that I teach.  I am so happy that I was able to discover the Yoga that fit me, and it inspired me so much that I love spreading it to every person I meet.  I do not like regimented, bootcamp style, robotic or mechanical Yoga classes, it is so personal, individual, and also different every time you do it, most important to stay present and really feel what your body needs.  Yoga really made be a calmer person, better reactions, not to mention strong, fit, young, and full of energy.  It is amazing that I had no plan, discovered my path, and now am able to do it my way, with nobody telling me otherwise.


Coach Yulia

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