Chanukah Withdrawal

Today was going to be a silly day, that is why last night I wanted to write about Chanukah withrawal, no more lights, candles, parties, and even tips how to get the wax off of everything,

Instead while driving my kids to school this morning, my husband calls and tells me there has been a terrorist threat and all schools are closed in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Luckily we have flexible schedules, he was free in the morning, and I am free this afternoon.  I cannot imagine what the parents of the 700,000 kids that are home today have to deal with.  I posted this on my Facebook first thing in the morning, and had an interesting response:

Yulia Medovoy Edelshtain
Howard Kligman
Howard Kligman Fun day for Los Angeles family’s. Thank goodness we are going to Israel tomorrow.
I find it amazing and amusing that my friend Howard feels safer in Israel than the rest of the world.  Israel lives with this kind of reality on a daily basis, so they are prepared, but also living life to the fullest, makes no sense to live with fear.  My message to the students in my classes this morning was to keep living life, seeing the positive, but also be alert and realistic that this is really going on in our world.  Here is some reality about the Israel/Palestinian conflict:
Afshine Emrani
Gaza Survey Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research: 40% of Gazans want to emigrate to Europe.

54% don’t want two state solution w/ Israel.
67% support terrorist actions.
70% opposed one-state with Arabs/ Jews with equal rights.
65% in favor of Abbas resigning.
78% believed that PA institutions are corrupt.

Maybe it really is Chanukah Withdrawal, the lights are not on anymore, the darkness exists, but we can all shine our personal flame, help each other, stand up for what is right, and keep shining our lights bright against darkness.  What I love is in all of the commotion all I see is communication, decision making, I feel grateful that the city of Los Angeles is taking this seriously.  I see so many people on Facebook offering to watch children of working parents, good exists and is greater than any darkness.
I am grateful,
My kids are safe,
Life is good,
Proud of Los Angeles,
Coach Yulia
'Who is up for some Yoga? Only $5 Monday Nights at 6:30pm at Active Nutrition. This was taken right before I got pregnant - I am feeling great, going full force until the baby comes - I do private Yoga here'
This is my memory from Facebook, four years ago, my youngest is three and a half, not sure if I was pregnant with him yet or not.  Yoga really does help keep me balanced, sane, fit, strong, healthy, young, happy, and have better reactions, everything is about our personal reactions.

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