One More Week

My holidays just ended, and I am so full from eight days of celebration it is ridiculous.  I know many of you are getting ready for your holidays, non stop eating, indulging, wow, the aftermath is not so pleasant.  I do not regret it, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I guess like most people have to get back to my routine and step it up a notch to get back into a healthy, active lifestyle.  It is always up and down, there is no perfect, it would be so boring if there was a flat line, but a flat stomach I would not mind!

This is the last week that my kids have school, how am I going to handle three weeks with no school? OY!  Some school systems have two weeks winter and two weeks spring break, ours has one week for spring and three for winter, waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy to long if you ask me.  For the Jews it would be better to have two weeks in the spring because we have our eight day long Passover holiday, where we miss school to be in synagogue, yes these are all good problems.

Now onto world problems, great article on understanding ISIS and how to beat them,

My bubble is happy, my kids are in school I just had two amazing Yoga classes, totally feeling positive vibes and encouraging everyone to take them out into the world once they leave Yoga.  Went to a beautiful circumcision ceremony for a Prenatal client, such a blessing, so grateful to be doing God’s work as a birth worker.

Happy Holidays,

The Google doodle today is so awesome, I saw that it was about Yoga, it is celebrating an amazing Yogi that recently left this world, Iyengar.

Coach Yulia

BKS Iyengar's 97th Birthday Doodle


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